2022 Committees

Legislative—Is responsible for reporting to the Board of Directors and the membership any current activity on local, state, or national legislative issues.
Committee Chairs—Tim Vaughan, (859) 327-0085, and Wayne Thompson, (859) 797-0895

By-Laws/Ethics—Reviews the by-laws and proposes any changes that are necessary. Responsible for inquiries or accusations against members and reporting to the Board of Directors their findings and recommendations.
Committee Chairs—Brenda Weaver, CMB, (859) 221-2821, and Bryan May, (859) 539-5626

Finance—Shall prepare a budget of the estimated income and expenses of the organization for the year.
Committee Chair—Brad Schooler, (859) 494-6004

Membership—In charge of recruitment and retention. They will devote their attention to the proper welcoming of new members and guests and to strive to encourage friendships among members.
Committee Chair—Mat Hulberg, (701) 425-2287, Ryan McCord, (859) 224-0423

Affiliate Relations—This committee is responsible for promoting and recruiting affiliate members to the organization. This involves planning and conducting special events for our affiliates.
Committee Chairs—Alison Sheshull, (859) 771-6423 and Maggie Cohen, (502) 321-6924

Education/Programs—This committee is responsible for organizing meetings, identifying location, scheduling speakers, and securing sponsorships for the events. Additionally this committee is responsible for arranging any special events like the golf outing and Holiday party. This committee selects topics, arranges dates/times, and secures speakers for Educational Roundtables to educate the membership.
Committee Chair—Anna Pitcock, (859) 353-0938

PR/Communications/Social Media—Supplies monthly notices concerning the organization meetings and other interesting information of the membership to newspapers, radio and television stations.
Committee Chairs— Jason Heflin, (859) 621-6592, Alison Sheshull, (859) 771-6423, Anna Pitcock, (859) 353-0938

Awards—Committee Chairs—Wayne Thompson, (859) 797-0895 and Brenda Weaver, CMB, (844) 361-5286

Committee Chair—Mitch Florence, (859) 533-0764